Painting and Sealants

High-rise or mid-rise condominiums, office buildings, or parking garages routinely require a full repaint to protect and enhance their functionality and appearance.   Working with the premier paint manufacturers’ of products specifically designed for Florida’s tropical climate, we can provide up to a ten-year warranty, defraying the cost of the repaint over a more extended period.   Critical to the quality of the project is the proper treatment of any delaminating or cracking stucco to ensure the end result is waterproof.  Caulking and sealant work at all openings (windows and doors) also will eliminate water intrusion.  Walker Contracting Group can help you achieve the desired result of a waterproof envelope for your building with superior appearance and long life.

Painting applications:

  • Building paint
  • Metal railings and windows
  • Electrostatic painting
  • Paint protection of metal columns
  • Fountain painting

Caulking/sealant applications:

  • Window or skylight wet sealing
  • Installation of pre-formed silicone seal at windows
  • Caulking of stucco to metal joints
  • Control joints
  • Expansion joints