Deck Waterproofing

Whether you have a 5’ x 5’ balcony or a plaza deck with 20,000 square feet, we can install the appropriate product and installation to protect the concrete substrate from moisture and the potential for concrete deterioration.  Walkways, balconies, tennis decks, parking garages – they all benefit from the protection of a warranted waterproofing installation.  Our experienced personnel have applied over 1,000,000 square feet of coatings and we pride ourselves on the quality of the applications.  Working with products we know and manufacturers who stand behind their products, we are able to provide some of the longest warranties available in the industry.

We are experienced in working with both cold-applied and hot-applied waterproofing products.  Cold-applied waterproofing products are best for balconies and elevated walkways.  We have also used them in many parking garage applications.  They are available in both pedestrian and vehicular systems.  Hot-applied products can serve well for broad expanses of plaza decks and planters, but the selection of a product is best made after consultation with an engineer addressing the specific requirements of the project.  The success of the installation is highly dependent on the details.  Are the drain details specified by the manufacturer followed to the letter?  Is every penetration of the deck fully addressed?  Are the expansion joints a compatible system installed with a seamless interface to the waterproofing?  Walker Contracting Group excels at the details!