Facade Renovation – Updating Exteriors

Soup to Nuts…. Our favorite projects are those where we assist in the enhancement process from “soup to nuts,” in other words, to help with the total renovation of the facility exterior, including structural restoration, decorative moldings, new windows and doors, sealant work, painting, deck waterproofing, new railings, exterior lighting, irrigation and landscaping. Upon completion, the buildings look brand new, and are easy to promote to potential new tenants or residents.  Some façade renovations require more design work, others only need some decorative accents to highlight the existing structure.  Regardless of the extent of the renovation, we can work to pull it all together while minimizing the impact on the residents.  We are also able to coordinate interior and exterior work, for example complete a lobby renovation along with the exterior façade update.  This truly enhances the impact of improvements at the facility and allows the Owner to deal with a single point of contact in coordinating the entire project.