Structural Restoration

Working with the Owner and Engineer to implement designed repair strategies, our Project Managers and onsite Foremen focus on achieving the best project flow to attain the designed results on budget and in the requisite time frame.    Our employees are trained and experienced in using repair products and in performing the work scopes as specified by the Engineer.  Safety concerns and consideration for tenants or residents are important in the project flow.  Specific types of repairs performed include those listed below:

  • Structural concrete restoration – repairs to concrete beams and columns as well as repairs to concrete slabs and slab edges at multi-family buildings, parking garages, commercial buildings and industrial structures.
  • Structural steel repairs – steel column replacement or splicing as required utilizing our Florida state certified welders.
  • Post-tension building structural repairs – working in conjunction with a post-tension repair specialist to safely provide access, protection and related concrete repairs
  • Wood repairs – extensive wood repairs, consisting of wood repairs at roofs, stairwells, other structural building components
  • Epoxy injection – mending of structural cracks to prevent further movement or to prevent water transference.